A simple petition: Brunch 7 Days a Week

I am a student again, but I am also a grown ass woman this time. 

Recently, I realized that some days I would like an acceptable approach to day-drinking, because the nights are terrifying in this new city where I bus everywhere. And because I suddenly find myself with copious amounts of free time during the middle of the week. And middle of the day. And I want to take advantage of my fabulous freedom when the other poor saps are slaving away in the real world.  Also because I use nights to be productive. Also because during the day I want to pretend I’m not spending my nights alone, drinking tea and killing my neck as I cower over an iPad. 

Basically, what I want is a brunch extension. Not just Saturday and Sunday, please. Hit me with a good mimosa deal and some eggs on a fucking Tuesday for a change so I can find some benefit to being back in school. 

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Ma! The Meatloaf!

After witnessing an epic dance off to Meatloaf at a wedding this summer, I didn’t imagine getting too jazzed about the man again. But grad school had other plans for me. Expect, in the next couple days, that I will turn in an assignment titled

“But I Won’t Do That: Joan Van Albada – the Archivist Meatloaf”

in which I discuss the ambiguousness of that in relation to a pompous a-hole of an archivist who can talk a lot of shit but never actually say what his problem is.

It’s a long shot, but, I’m doing it. Because #gradschool #blog

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Rumor Mill: The Next James Bond

The web’s got its panties in a bunch over the unofficial nod to Damian Lewis as the next James Bond.

As much as I love a good “unruly ginger” (to quote a friend, a phrase which would be an excellent pub), I’m not so into Mr. Lewis for Bond. Having just this past Saturday finished seasons 1-3 of Homeland, I need him to be more approachable. I don’t look at him and think he’s someone any woman in a casino is going to easily engage with in witty banter. I also don’t look at him and see the smoothness of past Bonds (not that Craig has that feature, either, so Mr. Suave may be over). He certainly must only smile with a smirk. And he needs to be a little roughed up. More stylish.

Fassbender would be my top ginger choice, a little less buff than he’s been, yet still taught in a nicely tailored suit. Although, I’m kind of into Prince Harry right now with that scruff and the devil may care about him, that would work nicely for Ginger Bond. But, I won’t think it’s the worst if it is Lewis.

Then again, anyone will fall a hard second to Idris.

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HP and babies

Yeah, so, I’m not totally sold on the procreating thing. BUT… The new illustrated Harry Potter books are, like, one of the few reasons I would really want to have kids. I think books in general–and Legos–are a huge check in the pro column.

I probably shouldn’t have told my mom that’s the only reason I’d want to have kids, though. Whoops.

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Sam Smith Sings for SPECTRE: Here’s to Alliteration

Because, it seems, alliteration is all we’ve got.

When are they going to learn that a Bond song that’s not titled after the movie is a really terrible idea? I’ve stated before that for a song to be truly considered, in my opinion, it has to be named after the film title. Not that a film-titled-song is a guarantee of success (most people despise Die Another Day) but I do think it’s essential to creating the perfect theme. Unfortunately, the SPECTRE theme is no exception.

If you haven’t heard it, check out Sam Smith’s WRITING’S ON THE WALL which I know is available on Spotify.


My first thoughts were that the musical score is SPOT ON. Nailed it. Sounds just like it should, especially coming off of SKYFALL. 

Without the musical score, the lyrics fall. Hard. In fact, the pacing and the lyrics feel like they could easily be applied to a Disney movie. Or maybe the next sappy John Legend loves Chrissy Teigen song. Don’t get me wrong–I love both of those possibilities. But they’re not Bond.

I have a few specific problems with the lyrics that I will address.
“I want to feel love” Bullshit. First of all, no. Bond? No. Secondly, remember the time he was married? I thought that sort of cured the love thing. Thirdly, I think there’s some point in one of the books where he talks about falling for all the women he bangs. [If I wasn’t supposed to be doing work for grad school right now, I’d dig out my notes. Maybe later.]

“If I risk it all” Don’t you, always, James? Haven’t you, already? Did you forget Teresa Bond? This is all for Queen and Country. You’re not delivering papers on an especially traffic-y street, my good man.

“When you’re not here I’m suffocating” This is just too much. Unless it’s referring to the job. In which, yes, Bond, you can’t survive without your 007 status. Not for long, anyway, the films suggest.

I’m a little bummed at the content, as well. Given the prominence of Spectre (the organization), the word’s association with ghosts, phantoms, spirits of the past, and all the skulls and imagery that have been produced for the film, that this isn’t more haunting or isn’t hitting at some of those areas. The context we know seems rife for songwriting.

There’s just something about WRITING’S ON THE WALL that is so soft after vulnerable after the strong, deliberate, willful SKYFALL. Initially it’s off-putting and inconsistent, but I know Smith knows more about the film than we do, so I can’t hate too much for that reason.

Also, I’m just going to say it: the falsetto is distracting. It takes me out of the Bond trance. I wonder how this will work on screen.

All of that being said, if you know Bond themes, you know they are often highly time specific. Songs like SKYFALL and GOLDFINGER and LIVE AND LET DIE are rare, especially when you consider the popularity of Adele and Paul McCartney And Wings. Artists like Madonna, Duran Duran, Garbage, and ultimately Sam Smith, contextualize the film within the world and time it’s produced. That in itself has a value and a place in the Bond Canon.

I admit the song needs to be imbibed in the context of the film, and I look forward to seeing and hearing it in theaters this fall. I like the song enough. I just wish it could have been more.

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Iowa! History!

People seem to only know about Iowa because of the Caucuses.
Iowa! Nationally politically (bafflingly?) relevant since 1972! 

But, I just learned about an even older and more prestigious accolade thanks to T.R. Schellenberg’s 1956 book: Modern Archives: Principles and Techniques (page 180):

“This paper, which was to be made a chapter of a primer for archivists that was planned at the 1912 conference, accepted the principle of respect des fonds as the basic principle of archival classification to be followed in the United States and illustrated its application to the archives of Iowa.”

You guys, the National Archives weren’t established until 1934. It was Iowa’s pioneering ways that helped establish a very important element of archival organization in the national system. (Forget the fact that the U.S. actually has weird ideas about archives compared to the rest of the world.)

Iowa! Helping America save old shit since 1912!

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There’s Hope!

Jon Hamm waited 8 years for that Emmy, but he finally got one.

I’ve only been single for six years. Can’t give up now.

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