Getting Settled

It feels undeniably strange to me, this whole settling in thing. People are moving home, moving across the country, starting jobs, and whatever else. Me, I woke up this morning, for the first time in my 12-month apartment, and it felt all sorts of strange. I feel behind, not grown up. Yesterday I bought a GRE study book. Didn’t everyone else already take this? Didn’t everyone else already have an idea about their life? I just have to keep reminding myself that the answer is no.

On a parallel plane, I’m effing decorating an apartment. Not a dorm room or a sorority room. An apartment. This is entirely new to me. But I love it (or will, at least, while that ‘Oh my gosh, new bedroom!’ excitement lasts). I’ve even taken a tip from all the stuff I’ve learned at work, and  have upgraded my KMart special to a cute little bookshelf that I’m not ashamed to say I did. Just wait until the whole wall is complete. You’ll be blown away.




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