I spent a lot of time beating myself up this first month of post-graduation life. Why don’t I have a job? Why aren’t I more happy? Where’s the beef? And all other important life questions. Sure, I’ve blamed a hefty amount on the economy. Rightfully so. Yet I do have peers who have moved on to bigger and better things despite this job crisis. And for whatever purpose, I seem to think that comparing myself to them is right. But just because we’ve graduated at the same time, maybe taken a couple classes together here and there, doesn’t mean my objectives are the same. And that’s something I need to remember.

I left Drake after a well-invested four years. I’ve had a variety of friends, a handful of odd jobs, and an assortment of activities, organizations, and honors. Not to mention a double major and a minor, with a GPA I am proud of. What I didn’t do is limit myself. Nor was I overly focused. Instead I lived life. And despite where I think I should be career wise, I wouldn’t have changed those four years for anything–even a sweet gig at my favorite magazine, or a high paying job and a big city penthouse (although, it’s a tough one to say no to).


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