Old Balls

I thought 23 would be worse. Yes, yes I know someone always asks, “Feel any different?”and you want to punch them because of course you don’t. But really, I thought it might. 2008 was the last “cool” birthday for me: 22 on the 22nd. Still, not even that cool, and I spent 95% of the day alone traveling home from California. So I pretty much banked on this year sucking, simply because I’m now old balls. But hey, you know what, it’s not that bad. I feel like more of an adult than I have previously. Not actually but it is my first birthday in the real world. It just feels older.

But regardless of age. Yesterday did produce some pretty great things.
1. Multiple Facbeook posts and a dead-on someecard
2. A funny  2 am voicemail from my favorite voicemail-leaver Tanner
3. Three tickets to see John Legend on July 22 with two of my favorite people EVER
(yes you are hearing angels singing in the background)
4. The purchase of two John Legend CDs
5. Chinese take-out
6. A viewing of Robin Hood Men in Tights
7. A DQ ice cream cake care of my lovely roommates


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