Here Comes the Bride

I didn’t know that college graduation was a free ticket to the marriage crisis. Maybe it’s just because I am “of age” but I feel like these last couple months have hit insanely hard in that arena. Three guys that I “dated’ and a couple other people I know were married this summer, and I feel like there is at least one weekly Facebook relationship updated to “engaged.”

Even among the people who aren’t maritally secure, the big “I do” is still a hot topic. We talk about marriage trends. Divorce stats. How we think it’s crazy so-and-so are engaged. How we just aren’t ready. How we don’t want to be in their position, but hope to God we don’t end up alone. Seriously, I think I have had at least one nuptially infused conversation with most of the people I consider a close friend. Thankfully, a few of them are already in marriage-conducive relationships and still aren’t ready to eternally commit.

I am about as far from ready for marriage as you can get; the only thing I don’t have is a commitment phobia. I’m not ready for this to be such a big subject in my life. I don’t need the pressure, and I am certainly not interested in making the topic relevant.


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