Owning Up

I cringe, in fact I actually turn away, during moments in movies or shows when people make fools of themselves. Prime examples include when Janey and Jeff first met in Girls Just Want to Have Fun, when Derek thought he won Male Model of the Year in Zoolander, and every interaction between Codex and Zaboo in The Guild. That is why it is so hard for me to admit what I’m going to write right now: I was a week off with my GRE test date. I couldn’t deceive my many blog readers (all three of you. Hi friends!), but I really wanted to. Thankfully, the date is a week off in my favor–next Saturday is the test. I have a somewhat legitimate reason to have been confused, but that doesn’t change how embarrassed I am. I want to flee the scene when I think about it because I feel like I’m the kid wearing the dunce cap in the corner of the one-room school house. Or maybe like Seth when Becca finds his dick drawings in Superbad. Either way, it’s not good and I can’t look away because it’s my bad moment. I lay myself at your feet and beg of you to overlook this distressing admission of mine.

(Although this might be for the best. Now I just want the damn thing over with. I’m tired of dreaming the definitions of insidious and invidious and perspicacious. And I’m getting entirely too much sleep.)


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