Take that, Swine.

I’m kind of a hypochondriac, but only when it comes to things that don’t matter, like headaches and heartburn. When I have real symptoms I pretend it’s nothing and then it hits me when I’m least expecting it. Sneak attack.

Like right now: I’m sick. Legitimately, three doctors visits and three $15 co-pays kind of sick. I even got the H1N1 shot because my immune system sucks.

It started last Saturday when I discovered that my skin was rather irritated. It developed into a full-blown infection causing swollen glands and a skin irritation working its course through my body. Balls. It’s not mono, and it’s not strep, but it’s something so Doctor #1 gave me some amoxicillin. Thank God. Sickness is a weight-loss plan I can only stomach for a couple days.

The throat cleared up beautifully, but I’m still a leper. Not attractive. To counter the inflammation, I took my first bath since 8th grade. The water was green (due to some oatmeal-like stuff) but my apartment bathroom is the shit. Candles, steamy water, and a huge tub. Ahhh.

Oh, and by the way, boobs float. Sure I’ve been in a pool, lake, or ocean within the last year, but tubs are totally different. I’ve grown a bit (lot) since my last bath, and by golly that was just funny.


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