I’ve got chills

…And they’ll be multiplying.

Holyshitohmygod. I just submitted my first grad school application. $75 later I am literally shaking. That was a bit momentous. And terrifying. On my final read of the application I found an error in my personal statement. A missing word. A missing fucking word. That personal statement is what will get me in. Not grades, not scores, not scholarships and honors. It’s 48% personal statement and 48% recommendations. The rest is cut-off material. Thank God I found it. But really, I’ve read that damn thing so many times. How did I miss it before? And more importantly, what else did I miss?

The application was for Brown University, kind of the school of my dreams. The MA program isn’t as specific as I would hope for (that’s more Texas Tech and Purdue) but it is in Rhode Island, and it is the school that graduated A.J. Jacobs and a plethora of other amazing literary figures. I can’t even fathom how it would feel to be there this time next year. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will never know that, but that’s okay. I tried.

One down, ten to go.


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