You Complete Me

Love is too plebeian of a word, too vague and too overused, to describe my feelings for James Bond. I appreciate, respect, enjoy, relish, and even to some extent obsess, over the franchise. I’ve only recently started my journey through Ian Fleming’s novels, but the movies have been a defining part of my character since one fateful Easter in middle school.

There are so many things about Bond that tickle my fancy–the good, the bad and the ugly. Believe me, there’s plenty of ugly. The films have overt racism, stereotypes, and offensive depictions of world powers (especially America). But that’s why I love it. I love the easy women, the fact that Bond would have single-handedly spread STDs, and the unbelievable gadgets and high-rolling life. I love knowing more than other people, and that I can hold my own against those who share my passion. I’ll talk Bond for hours if you get me started.

Before the release of Quantum of Solace in 2008 (the biggest disappointment in my life) Newsweek printed a listing of Bond and his bests. Their website has an even better–more informative and interactive–version of the print list. Another WordPress user has a Bond post I thoroughly enjoy.

With a lot of free time, un-mutable opinions in the field of Bond, and a cessation of Bond Nights with JJ and Ashley, I’m doing my own rankings. Yes they are different than Newsweek, and yes, like every Bond lover, I think I’m right. If you think differently, let me know. Next to Bond, I love a good fight.


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2 responses to “You Complete Me

  1. Al

    Other ugly things about Bond: Whenever Bond delivers a one-liner, it’s usually to keep us laughing and distracted so we don’t think about the horribly brutal murder he has just committed. Plus he pretty much rapes Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. Bond can be a charming ladies man or misogynistic sociopath depending upon the portrayal.

  2. As with all rogues, Bond is just enough of an ass to make us love him for putting the girl in her place.

    Do I condone implied rape. In this climate, not so much.

    However, beyond his confidence and guile, the thing that he shows real men everywhere is obvious.

    When everyone else tells the hot girl yes, he’ll laugh at her, dismiss her and tell her “not so much, luv.”

    And THAT is why he gets laid by all those Bond babes.

    – Matthew Merlin

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