OhmyGod. Oh my God. Oh. My. God.

That was me, roughly two hours ago, after I listened to a voicemail from a nice man named Sean. Sean happens to be a big deal in the graduate admissions department at Texas Tech. He said I was admitted to the Nineteenth Century MA program with an assistantship and the possibility of a fellowship. He even told me he liked my writing sample about Oliver Twist and Fingersmith.

I screamed. I jumped up and down. I threw my phone and broke it into three pieces. Then I called Sarah and texted Max, Shelby, Kasie, Ashley, MTK, Rachel, Jane. Called my parents. Ate some dinner with Emma. Bought me some wine. Posted it on Facebook.

It seems a little anticlimactic now that I’m alone, perched on my kitchen counter drinking Polka Dot, blogging, and seeing how many ‘likes’ my status can get. But damn I’m still giddy and can’t believe I made it.


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