All About The Benjamins

Trying to get into graduate school is expensive stuff. I mean, I picked up the mall job just to cover costs. Yikes!

Applying to Graduate School: Expense Report

GRE Study Aids     …     $276
GRE general test   …     $150
GRE subject test    …     $130
GRE scores              …     $180
Transcripts              …     $44
Application fees     …     $482
Coffee/food            …     $300
Thank Yous              …     $170
TOTAL                            $1,732

That doesn’t include things like postage, gas, envelopes, ibuprofen or notecards. Even the coffee/food budget is a (probably) very conservative estimate of what I spent while I was studying and working on applications in coffee shops or at the library. Goodness. Just know: if you are serious about applying to graduate school, it’s one hell of a commitment.


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One response to “All About The Benjamins

  1. Kristin

    yikes! That is expensive business. Luckily it paid off 🙂

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