Upon my return, I was not ready for…

– Having more than a roommate in my apartment. Not bad, just not ideal. It smelled like bad food and I don’t like being friendly after a long day.

– This email I received: “Nevertheless, I absolutely love the song “I Know You Got
A Man,” and it’s not even offensive!  Still, in the midst of loving the
song, I am profoundly disturbed that Ludacris has put the word “constipate”
in a song about sex. What the hell was he thinking? How did no one tell him
how wrong it is?”

-How fucking excited I am to be home. (Which includes driving a car, speeding, unpacking all my goods from H&M, having internet and watching Voltron:Defender of the Universe on Hulu.)

More to come. For now, I bask in the glory that is Des Moines, Iowa.


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