Flashes of firsts

Lately, I’ve been prone to fits of nostalgia. Any time after 2 a.m. leaves me vulnerable. Last night my mind was racing until 4:30, and I started to think about all the firsts I had in college–so many things I just was not exactly ready for.
My first…

sorority party. A four-way at Mickey’s. I got to the house early, was terrified by the seniors, then got on the bus and was terrified by everyone else, and turned around to leave the bar as soon as I could. [fr]

green dino. Twofers or mug night? Never again. [so]

James Bond letdown. QoS midnight showing, the week we registered for spring semester. [sr]

time doin’ the dirty. Not as bad as I’d imagined. [so]

sighting of my English pals Katie and Jane. Robertson’s hellish class, the first week of school. A junior and I knew we wanted them in our house. [so]

time being asked on a date. Dinner at P.F. Chang’s. I had to drive because he didn’t have a car. He cancelled two hours before. [jr]

actual date. Dinner at P.F. Chang’s. I had to drive because he didn’t have a car. Different guy, this one with followthrough. [sr]

hang with my elder Key, Whitney. My roommate and her boyfriend were on a date. I didn’t want to be a potential cockblock. She made me shrimp and we watched Greys at her APT. [so]

issue of Esquire. Life-altering and amazing. [so]

time leaving a hickey. I was both amazed and highly amused. [sr]

shacking experience. Ross living room couch. He was drunk. I was sober. He was naked. I was not. REAL awkward. [so]

blackout. Well, obviously what I remember would be the post-blackout. Still embarrassed about that one. [jr]

big/little sis revealing. There were matching socks. [fr]

experience living on my own. No dorm food, no sorority food. Just the minor fridge, freezer and shelf space at the Dragonfly. [sr]

drunk dial. To the guy in the awkward shack experience, actually. [fr]

alcohol-induced sobfest. Outside Sigma Chi. I saw some people I didn’t want to see. Hannah sat with me in the grass by KFC/Taco Bell. [fr]

mac computer. That bitch caused me a lot of pain, but she’s still around. [so]

byline. Kitchen Makeovers. It was spelled wrong. I couldn’t have cared less. [sr]

PIKE house adventure. Bond night. JJ and Ashley. Upstairs projector. Absolutely monumental. [jr]

load of laundry. Hated it then, love it now. [fr]

motorcycle ride. True story. [sr]

Third Eye Blind concert. With my BFF Matt. Or Kunze, depending what you call him. Despite his fucked up leg, it was magical.[jr]



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2 responses to “Flashes of firsts

  1. Kristin

    I LOVE this! Especially the first shacking experience. I can’t believe I’ve never heard this story!

  2. Whitney

    Aww shrimp and Grey’s. It was love from that night on 🙂

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