It’s here. Finally. My Usher OMG Tour recap!

As expected, Usher put on quite the show, opening with a weird military-like entourage and then floating across the arena from the back. Other showy songs were “Mars vs Venus,” with strange white curtains, and the concluding number “OMG.” “Lil Freak” was very reminiscent of the video (monkey bars) and “You Make Me Wanna” had the same dance moves and chairs as that 90s classic video. My favorite, “Trading Places,” was less a musical number than a soft core porn.





Usher did a lot more dancing than singing, which was not a surprise, although I admittedly didn’t anticipate it. I’ve never been to a show that’s that physical–Third Eye Blind and John Legend don’t exactly roll with choreography and backup dancers. But the dancing was fantastic, as were Usher’s abs, and I think my jaw pain that lingered for the next two days was as much from chewing one piece of gum the entire show as it was vigorously chewing that gum from subconscious sexual tension.

The MVP of the night, surprisingly, was AKON and his “hypeman” (so the eversosmart Whitney called him) who we affectionately named Kilthawk. This nickname derived from his kilt and matching vest (with a skinny tie, how classy) and mohawk. Their dance moves were outstanding and he sang many a quality jam: “Locked Up,” “Lonely,” “Smack That,” “I Wanna Love/*&$! You,” “Right Now (Na Na Na),” “Beautiful,” “Bartender” and the two show stealers “I Just Had Sex” and “Sexy Bitch.” For not expecting much going into AKON’s performance, it was a mind-blowing start to the show. And AKON is just smokin’ hot. 

Overall, it was a good night–topped with Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake on SNL–and I’m very glad we went. Very glad, indeed.

Usher Performance List

  • [jumbled text to myself: ergo, no clue to first song]
  • She Don’t Know
  • Yeah!
  • U Remind Me
  • U Don’t Have To Call
  • You Make Me Wanna
  • Mars vs Venus
  • Nice and Slow
  • Love ’em All
  • Trading Places
  • Love in This Club
  • Lil Freak
  • Hot Tottie
  • There Goes My Baby
  • Let It Burn
  • Bad Girl
  • Daddy’s Home
  • [Michael Jackson dance tribute]
  • Confessions Part I
  • Confessions Part II
  • My Boo
  • I Need A Girl
  • Lovers and Friends
  • Caught Up
  • DJ Got Us Falling In Love
  • More
  • OMG

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