Tom Joyner Morning Show

I looooove 89.3 KJMC (radio station here in DSM). Sure, they play Robin Thicke and John Legend and Sade and all that smashin’ R&B I can’t get enough of. But they also have the BEST morning commute talk on the radio (Michael Baisden in the afternoon isn’t too bad, either). Handsdown my favorite thing in the morning. In fact, I’d rather listen to them than the music. They have great facts, news, music, guests… and they’re fucking hilarious. Like, I’m that douchebag laughing my ass off in the car all alone. I’m sorry but I’m honestly not even ashamed. How to be a playa/playette on Thanksgiving? That was brilliant advice. Little known Black History fact? Shit, I’m even learning on my way to work. I don’t care about basketball, but Dominique making fun of the Miami Heat was goddamn riotous. I could gush over TJMS forever, but what I want to do is share with you what happened on the show today, which prompted this post.

Old-School/New-School Remixes by Steve “Silk” Hurley can be heard on the TJMS. Generally an enjoyable mix of two great jams, today’s was epic.

The man mixed one of my least favorite songs (about 1:30 in)

with funnyman Chris Rock.

Twelve hours after I first heard this, it’s still cracking me up. A big thank you to Mr. Hurley, TJMS, and KJMC for brightening the lives of DSM residents.


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