What if

I’ve been thinking about this kind of a lot lately. I don’t wear makeup–is that bad? If I learned how to put on eyeliner and mascara and concealer, would that make a difference? If I had lots of necklaces and bracelets and earrings and coordinated them with my outfits, would that make me noticeable? If I went tanning and worked out, would that make me more likely to interest someone? What if I had a hair style that required more maintenance, or if I curled it or wore it up, what would that do? And work is a concern, too. If I didn’t have two jobs and work so often–if I were more available–would that somehow make a difference? And what about my interests. What if I liked chic lit and rom coms and I ate salads instead of talking Bond and Dickens and R&B while eating pizza? What if I went out and flirted and smiled and played fake-friends with the right people?

Just, ya know, don’t you ever wonder what you’d be in an alternate universe?

Maybe I could be an air hostess in the Sixties [see below].


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