Chunks of 12

The problem with getting up at 5 am is that I frequently think of my day in 12 hour periods. Luckily, this is only when I work both jobs. It starts with my first thought when the alarm rings, “I have to be at work in 12 hours.” “Work” being my part-time job. I’m not hungry at 5, but I’m starving by 7:30 when I think to myself, “I’ll maybe have a 10/30 minute break in 12 hours.” Between 8 and 9 I’ll dig into my lunch or whatever food I can find. At 9, when everyone is finally in the office, I’ll think, “Oh good, the mall closes in 12 hours.” At 10, when I’m getting sleepy, bored with life, and ready to eat a real lunch, I’ll think, “Oh good, I’ll be home in 12 hours.” Then, at 5, when I get into the mall, I think “Oh FUCK. I have to get up in 12 hours.” At 10, I’m too tired to think about how hungry I’ll be in 12 hours, and if I’m still awake at 12, I’m not thinking at all, just mindlessly watching Netflix until my eyes surrender to the darkness (Star Trek, the 1966 series will put you to sleep in no time).


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