in these genes

You know how doctors ask you if you have a history of illness or disease in your family? That’s never been a terrifying question for me, mostly because I don’t have to say “Yes” to things like cancer or heart disease. But if you know my family, I don’t exactly come from skinny or healthy stock. I cannot call my parents petite. Not that I can call myself that, either. Well, a few years ago, things got a little scarier on the family health history front because my dad was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. He’s doing just fine (and I’m really proud of him) but I guess I am, as they say, my father’s daughter. While I do not have diabetes, and I am overall in fantastic  health, there are a couple tests that came back “high” on my recent work physical. Not dangerously high or anything, though. It’s kind of like having a fever of 101–nothing to to freak out about, just not at the optimum 98 degrees. And although I needn’t freak, I’m still shook up by it. Random Googling has posed many suggestions I am not keen to take, but I’m also not thrilled at the prospects of leaving it unchecked. I just really, really, really don’t like fish. Unless they’re singing “Under the Sea” in The Little Mermaid.


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  1. Haha. About 3 years ago I would have said the same thing about fish. I started out eating tilapia with this light garlic butter sauce drizzled over it. It’s still my favorite fish dish. I like tilapia because it’s a white fish; therefore, it doesn’t have much flavor. To give you an example of my tastes, I will only eat salmon raw (in sushi) because when it’s cooked or smoked the oils are heated and the fishy taste comes out. Raw, it’s just kind sweet. I don’t truly get it, but whatevs.

    Anyways, start out small with fish that don’t have strong flavors; add things to the fish that may not be necessarily all that healthy to begin with to get your palate used to fish. Then, you can start losing the sauces. 😉

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