Five Sexiest Men on My TV: 2011

I missed it! My “Five Sexiest” post should have occurred this time-ish last month. This year is a little rough. I’m re-watching old shows, still following some current ones, and watching some that are entirely new to me (and not new to anyone else). There was not a clear selection for my top five, or the rankings within. Many of my favorites fell from grace. It’s a strange year, indeed.

#5 Stringer Bell The Wire

Stringer Bell

He’s not a good person. But the way he does business (and looks) is damn hot.

#4 Gisborne Robin Hood

Sir Guy of Gisborne

He’s just so awkward and lovesick and clueless. He’s not nice, but he means well. And he’s British.

#3 Hank Moody Californication

Hank Moody

Hank fell, and fell solely because the show isn’t as good as it used to be. Tragic, passionate, fuck-up Hank, still makes me swoon. The Hank who wrote a letter to a pregnant Karen still makes me teary. Early Hank owns my heart.

#2 Fisher GREEK


Back to the top five for this guy. I know he’s a cheater, but everything else about him would quite possibly make him my number one. Watching this a third time, he really reminds me of the guy I dated in college–bike and GDI status included.

#1 Jim Halpert The Office


It took me until this month to see The Office. I refrained from watching it for a lot of dumb reasons (like it was closely linked to my friend’s sex life, or everyone loved it so much I felt stupid for never having seen it). But now, like many girls, I adore Jim. Of course he’s cute and funny, but mostly I am enamored with the way he makes Pam feel–blissfully happy, confident, and comfortable. I want that.



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3 responses to “Five Sexiest Men on My TV: 2011

  1. Ok. So I can only comment on two of these since I’ve watched the entire runs of BBC’s Robin Hood and Greek. Even though he is a little redeemable nearing the end, Gisbourne still pisses me off. Therefore, he cannot be in my top five ever. ;P

    Fisher I didn’t mind so much. I’m still indignant for Ashley, but he is pretty hot.

    And that’s my point of view. Unwarranted, but you got it anyways! hah.

    • kmcguirk

      I haven’t made it TOO far into Robin Hood, so I’m undecided on him. Clearly though, I favor Marian with Robin. But Robin isn’t physically as cute, in my book. lol

      RIGHT? Fisher is like the second hottest guy on the show (next to Cappie, of course). I really hate that he had to leave. And that it was for cheating. AGAIN.

  2. kmcguirk

    I have to say… I just watched Chapter 5’s episode “Wish Pretzel” and I’m back in love with Cappie. He probably should have stayed on the list. ESPECIALLY now that he’s joining Californication. I yi yi.

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