Why can’t you be

… like my Waterpik shower massager: A sweet reliable machine.
… like an art house foreign movie: Frank and sexy, red balloons and ennui.
… someone looking deeper into me, like J.D. Salinger.
… the part of me that’s missing.

I like this song. I think Third Eye Blind brilliantly relays message through metaphor. And that last line there? Fuckin’ preach. It’s like, I want this to work, but it’s not. I like you, why can’t this just be right? But it’s not. They conveyed a whole lot in 10 words and a handful of musical notes.


They also have this line that I’m never ready to hear. It just happens.

Sometimes a blowjob’s not enough.Why can’t you play a little less rough.

Go ahead. Listen to the song. It’s all sweet and nice and innuendo. Then KAPOW. Blowjob.


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