Have Sex and Eat Good Food Today

Today we indulge in two sexy food-based holidays.

This first–and more important–is perhaps the less recognized of the two:
Steak and a BJ Day.

Valentine’s Day is about mushy sentiments and niceties. A month later, we celebrate in more manly ways. Steaks. Blow jobs. Enjoying a T-bone while getting head. It’s license to get frisky in a booth at Outback or Steak’n’Shake like you’ve always wanted.

The second is more widely celebrated: Pi Day.

March 14th. 3.14.

Get it? Hah. I’m sure you do. People really go crazy at 1:59, so watch out for math geeks.

But why did I say two sexy holidays. Pie? Pi? Neither are particularly sultry.

They are if you prepare and serve a Pi pie like Mary-Louise Parker. It’s the perfect dessert to steak and appetizer to foreplay.


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