Californication Finale Reaction

I know I’m not girly. I know I’m not sweet. I know I’m not what most people think of when they think of how girlfriends act.

But fuck me if Californication isn’t a testament to my softer side. Because I just keep waiting for something to go right for Hank and Karen. And it keeps breaking my heart. This season more than any other.

I’d call that a textbook hopeless romantic.

It might also indicate an inability to let things go, an interest in bad boys, stubbornness, masochism, and a tendency to overlook major character flaws.

Until next season, guys…



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6 responses to “Californication Finale Reaction

  1. You’re totally right – there’s something about the dynamic between Hank and Karen that means they’re going to be together…eventually. Although that cliffhanger finale might put a spanner in the works, right?

    Did you like how Batesy broke the news to Karen that he wanted a divorce?

  2. kmcguirk

    I LOVED that Bates ran off with a bottle of booze after he told her. But Karen not caring at all? That didn’t seem right. I would have been a little pissed, if I were her. Even just for a minute. But the relief/joy that she showed was adorable.

    And damn that season closer! Seriously, why couldn’t it have ended on a note where Karen isn’t getting hurt, again. It always ends like that–it kills me.

    • I can write off Karen being relieved because she’s become emotionally close to Hank a few times this season. And she was upset about Batesy’s extended bender and the fact that he was another out-of-control guy who couldn’t put her first.

      I’m dying to know how next year will begin.

      • kmcguirk

        Agreed. I’m not thrilled with the way the season ended (Although I’m totally on board with your post about the possible Marcy/Charlie reunion! Eeek! Love it!), I cannot wait for the next season. Oh Californication, you tease me so.

  3. I thought the season had its moments, but everything seemed rushed in the end, like they just decided on the direction they were going to go in the last two episodes.

    • kmcguirk

      It did happen pretty quickly. And with the way the second-to-last episode ended, the good parts of the last episode didn’t seem fathomable. Normally, if Hank had fucked up like that, Karen and Becca would have taken a lot longer to come around. That, and a few other things in this season, seemed to be treated pretty inconsistently.

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