Fi’ty shades of disappointment

I’m sad that a book as poorly written, unbelievable and boring as Ffity Shades of Grey became such a hit. I can’t decide if people were incapable of discovering kinky sex on their own, or if they were too reserved to give it a whirl. Is this really enticing people to let go in the sack? Hell, is it even the sex that’s keeping people interested? I don’t know, but I don’t get it. And if it wasn’t for the literary aspect, I probably wouldn’t be reading it. Seriously. I’m actually kind of disgusted by the idea that people are into reading about shitty relationships. And I don’t buy the story at all. Virgins wanting more sex? Sure. A virgin thinking a guy shoving her panties into his mouth is so hot without any other thoughts? No.

I hope the next time I get my ass slapped the guy doesn’t think I’m all into Christian Grey. I thought hair pulling was cool before Twilight had fans to write fiction. Bitch please.



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3 responses to “Fi’ty shades of disappointment

  1. I, too, have been somewhat taken aback by the popularity of that book (or series?). I have tried staying away from it. I have too many other books to buy to waste the money, lol.

    • kmcguirk

      Don’t do it! It’s terrible. You’re doing it right. I read it in two days just to get it out of my house. So not worth it.

  2. Wynn

    Hey if you want to get rid of it donate it to your local library… LOL. They can’t keep the damn thing on the shelves and keep up with the demand. And if you donate it, they can spend money on other books.

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