not to want me. not back. not in a she’s-so-heavy kind of way. I want you like Common needs your warm, and S.J. wants you to send him all your vampires.
I want you to make a mashup.

I listen to my iPhone on random in the car. I don’t select albums, and I don’t have playlists, I just shuffle through the tunage as my mood sees fit. But, I got bored after a lot of driving last month, and decided alphabetical-song-title order would really spice things up.

Dude. It totally fucking did. 

“I Want You” from Common’s Finding Forever played. And “I Want You” from Third Eye Blind’s self-titled  CD played right after. It was the most magical combination of music to happen in the last few months. Maybe all year. It’s so good, in fact, that it’s hard to go beyond Etta’s “I’d Rather Go Blind” without backpedaling. So good that I’ve listened to only those two songs on the morning commute all week.

The love that I wrote on the mirror, it got smeared.


No apology because my urge is genuine.


Who has mixing skills? Let’s make music babies.

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