Gettin’ itchy

I can’t leave my job (and don’t exactly want to), I can’t move, I can’t dye it blue, I can’t make up my mind on a tattoo. But I’m itchin’ for something different. So I chopped seven inches off my hair.

Holy crap, batman. I don’t know if my hair has been this short since high school.

Exhibit A: Before(ish).
Exhibit B-F: After. Pony, pigtails, down, and glasses.

I got my hair cut with glasses, and now I’m feeling like I need to always wear them. For some reason it just feels right. But I’m going to try it without tomorrow and see what I think. For now, it’s going to take some getting used to. At least I have one year to grow it all back  for the weddings.



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3 responses to “Gettin’ itchy

  1. yesssss! so happy you did it!

    • kmcguirk

      I’m super nervous! I went out with some guys tonight I haven’t seen in ages, so they didn’t really know the difference. We’ll see what happens tomorrow… eeeek!

  2. I love this new haircut! I can’t wait to see it in person…sometime this week?

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