Celebrate Bond in Style

When I learned this morning that Friday, October 5, 2012 has been named Global James Bond Day, I immediately announced to everyone in earshot that I would be taking the day off. Wishful thinking.

Unfortunately, I work that day, I have plans that night, AND I work all weekend–bottomless martinis and Bond films are out of the question.

So how will I celebrate such a momentous occasion within the confines of Corporate America? Treats, obviously. But I bring treats for anything, so that’s hardly special. Posters? But of course. Although they won’t stand out since I already have a Skyfall poster and picture of Sean Connery from Diamonds are Forever in my cube. Happy hour? You better fucking believe it. Maybe even a liquid lunch. But none of those things are enough.

But going to work dressed like Bond girls for the whole week sure as shit should do the trick. (And I’m missing Halloween this year–I really love costumes and playing dress up [kinky!]–so this should appease that, too.) I told my boss, who promptly and wisely told me to be “work appropriate” with my outfits. While I was already thinking of going the evening gown route (because we all know there are more formal dresses and bikinis than anything else in Bond films), and trying to channel Sylvia Trench’s shirt + heels, to keep it proper I’ll celebrate with more suitable selections.

Monday: Like a Boss [Judi Dench as M]

Tuesday: Bad in Black [Tilly Masterson, Xenia Onatopp, Wai Lin]

Wednesday: Buttoned Up [Vesper Lynd, Solitaire, Natalya Simonova]

Thursday: The Icon [Pussy Galore and fliers, Tracy di Vincenzo, Jenny Flex]

Friday: Global James Bond Day [Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny]

 Per usual, I’ll be sporting these expressions as I work:

I have a bow tie and shaker that I’m also working into the equation. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic holiday. 

Oh, and can we give a shout out to the sometimes necessary evil called workplace seduction, via The Living Daylights? I feel about that sexy in my PB black tee.


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5 responses to “Celebrate Bond in Style

  1. Hey, I love the idea and Blog, James Blog is 100% in support. Being Moneypenny fans, we look forward to Friday.

    • kmcguirk

      Thanks! It was hard not to choose a different Moneypenny for each day of the week, but I thought I’d go for more of a challenge. I’ll definitely be posting the results.

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