Celebrate Bond: Like a Boss

Thanks to my art director for demanding the stern meeting look for this photo. Yep, I feel awkward. But anything in the name of Bond.

Today starts the week-long celebration to Global James Bond Day! As previously noted, I’ll be sporting film-inspired looks all week. Today’s look: Like a Boss. Judi Dench’s M is clean cut, stern, and office-management chic. 

Sadly, my high school debate outfits are not in my closet, so I couldn’t pull this look off completely. However, I don’t want every day to be a blur of black, so I decided to go with a colorful blazer. It’s more me, anyway. I’ve been power walking all over the office today. Feels great.

Oh! And in other big-ass Bond news: Adele is totally singing the theme for Skyfall. She’ll release it on Global James Bond Day. 


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