Celebrate Bond: Buttoned Up

Sorry for the delay on this one, ladies and gents! I’ve gotten ill, which is pretty much ruining the best week ever. I apologize to everyone expecting Global James Bond Day postcards from me: half went out on Monday, the other half will hopefully go out today.

Anyhoo, back to the celebration of Wednesday, which touted the buttoned up styles of our leading ladies. I would have liked to do innocent Solitaire, but since chopping off my hair, it didn’t feel right.

So, I decided to make this the day I nailed a look, as best I could, and went after Vesper’s steely intro in Casino Royale.

I’m the money.

Now, I don’t wear makeup (hardly a shocking revelation after seeing my photos the last two days) but I did go out and buy the cheapest mascara, eyeliner, and makeup remover I could find.Not saying I did a stellar job, but I was pretty stoked that my first attempt was good enough to go to work in. Key elements of the look included a stiff, black, deep-v top, an eye catching necklace, parted and pulled back hair.

Also! Thanks for the shout out, Blog James Blog! If you’re looking for a stellar way to recap the 22 Bond Films, you definitely need to check him out.

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