Global James Bond Day

Whew! Yesterday was quite the adventure, so I naturally wasn’t able to post in a timely manner. I mean, c’mon, it was Global James Bond Day.

Yesterday started with an outfit overhaul. The digs for my Moneypenny theme didn’t feel good enough. So I went through a mini crisis, that looked like this:

But after ripping the closet apart, I settled on something warm enough for our first foray into cool fall weather and had the elements of many of Lois Maxwell’s memorable Moneypenny looks.

  1. Pearls + Smile
  2. Ruffles + broaches
  3. Pattern + color

Sadly, unlike makeup that you can just buy and eff around with until it’s on your face, I don’t have curlers or a curly iron to even attempt MP’s lovely locks. It’s the one thing that’s truly missing from the outfit. I wish I had something that was more “dead-on” like how easy the Vesper look came together, but this pays adequate homage to so many of her looks.

I went out for drinks.  Martinis, of course.

I know, it’s frilly. But I was sick all week!

 Oh, and I did this, too.

You can call me Goldfinger.

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