Hey, don’t you know that we’re off…

If you completed that lyric with “to see the world” I probably want to marry you.

This is it, ladies and gents. I’m leaving for London today!

When things really get down to it, I start to need to do other, very important things–like paint my nails, type up passages from The Hobbit for my other blog, photoshop a new banner for this blog, then use it for Facebook instead, change this blog banner, then take a different photo for the Facebook banner, then watch Wings–instead of finishing packing. For reals, as I sit here, my elbow holds the page of where I’m copying text. It’s what I do when I’m in denial about how much time I have.

What I didn’t do, and should have done, was my annual “Sexiest Men on My TV” post that was due this weekend, or at least ONE of the new “Best of Bond” posts I promised. I didn’t do those things–although I did finish re-watching all the Bond movies in time for departure. Pops even bought me Quantum of Solace to round out my collection. He must be very sure that we’re going to like Skyfall.

Right now the weather in London is similar to here–coldish and rainy-ish. I ended up packing three pairs of jeans, a pair of jeggings, a handful of dresses, and three pairs of shoes. Into ONE TINY SUITCASE because I am a rockstar. It probably helps that I’m 5’2”and only wear a size 7 shoe. And that leggings are not really pants. But whatever. Mom and I are making a last-minute Target run in 20 minutes. Then I have to shower, paint my nails, finish packing my carry-on, decide if I can eat, and hit the airport.

I did pack an obnoxious number of books: a Dickens walking tour, an Austen walking tour, an Austen journal, a blank journal, and Bleak House (which is too big to fit in my awesome purse), and, of course, sticky notes and Sharpie pens for note-taking on said books. Actually, there were  five other books I wanted to bring, so this is pretty reasonable. After all, this is an adventure in my preferred country of literature.

I hope I can blog from Londontown (WordPress app has been added to this terrifying Droid I have to use), but if not, here’s a video to keep you tied over. The first sight–according to the song, not the video–is the Cliffs of Dover, which I will be seeing on November 2. I watched this movie religiously as a little kid. Kind of excited to see one of the places.

In other news… Today was the first time in three weeks I’ve used both hands to shower. You know what that means: The 007 tattoo is ready for its Bond in Motion closeup. See you on the flipside!


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