Thoughts on the Valentines of Days

I’m not one for V-Day. Not surprising, considering I hate PDA and couples and all things related to them. But it just isn’t my thing. When I was in a relationship on this worst-month-ever holiday, I can admit that I expected to celebrate it.You are my boyfriend, you tell other people you’re my boyfriend, then we should go to dinner and give eachother lame gifts. It’s what we do. I guess it’s because I do things pretty traditionally, even relationships. But I never got excited about it.

Maybe that’s why I honestly don’t get being all bent out of shape when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. (In general, that is. Recent heartbreak makes people bitter all the time, and V-Day fuels that fire with kerosene.) Why all the hate and bitterness? Why all the whining over shit. Boohoo my boyfriend lives out of town and we are required to see eachother today but can’t. Boohoo I’m single on Valentine’s Day. Shut up. What about the people overseas fighting a war who don’t know if they’ll ever see their loved ones again? The people who lost their loved ones to cancer, heart attacks, or any other damn reason they were taken away? They aren’t pissing and moaning on Facebook because they’re alone on 2/14. Isn’t Valentine’s Day meant to be thankful for what you have, who you have, and whatever love is or has been in your life?

And personally, on a little more lighthearted note, I don’t care about being single on Feb 14 more than I care about being single on January 14 or March 14 (actually being single on March 14 is much worse because that’s a way better holiday). But if you wanted a change in your relationship status, you’d want it just as much, or more, on any other day of the year.

These are the times I’d rather not be single

1. My birthday.
Birthday sex, duh.

2. St. Patrick’s Day
Holidays intended for drinking should end with drunk sex.

3. Weddings
Watch someone pledge eternal love, go have your own sex.

4. Snow Days
Sleep in and sex it up.

5. Going on trips
Vacation sex. Or, return-from-being gone sex.

6. Halloween
Costume sex!

Okay, that’s all rather ridiculous, but you get what I’m saying. There are times that having someone in your life would be great. I’m just not sold on the idea that the celebration of the execution of a saint is one of them.


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