Cappie & Casey Day!

Last year I took the food and fun point of view. I think this year I’ll take the sappy-girl-who-unabashedly-loves-this-show approach.

Today is March 14. Also known as 3.14. Also known as Pi Day. Also known as Pie day. Also known as Steak & A BJ Day.

One of my favorite couples (right up there with Darcy & Elizabeth) is Cappie and Casey from ABC Family’s old show GREEK. They are adorable.

tumblr_m8dvur9o0q1qexeroo1_500 greek-3x11-I-know-what-you-did-last-semester-casey-and-cappie-9624550-487-597 cassie-cappie-casey-and-cappie-8841019-574-366 200908_cappie-and-casey-dating

Freshman year of college they started dating (and broke up, and started dating, and broke up, and started dating). And they used pie as a euphemism for sex.

And that’s where we circle back to today’s Pi, steak, and blowjob festivities. Cappie & Casey: poster couple for March 14.


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