Sun-kissed and Carefree

Here’s the deal. Life’s been crazy. Between the sorority, my best friends’ weddings, two insanely busy jobs, and commitments that prevented me from doing some things I wanted to do…  I feel like I haven’t done shit for myself. It’s been exhausting and hard for me to stay focused or enthused–because I’m an only child who needs a lot of me time and sometimes gets super bitchy when I have to spend time doing things for other people. (I know, seriously, that’s ridiculous. But at least I know it.)

Which is why today was so great. After a bunch of sorority stuff was completed last week, wedding season officially kicked off with a fun wedding shower over the weekend, and work started to upswing again with the next issue…. I was thrilled to take a half-day (I went in at 6 am, which should be cheating, but I counted it) off of work and hang with my favorite person in the whole wide world. We had Mexican on a patio, sat by a pool with vodka lemonades, were joined by our friend Mary, went for chips and drinks, and then got massages.

Now I’m working on a couple book blog posts and sitting on my teeny tiny balcony and planning to finish reading Live and Let Die tonight.


I feel absolutely revived.


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