2 years, 4 jobs, 1 city

And yet 0 changes. 

Tomorrow marks my two-year anniversary as the assistant editor of my magazine. I’ve been with this company for five years in various capacities. I’ve worked on more than five magazines and I’ve had multiple job titles, but the only one that actually counts is Asst. Ed. And in two years, not a damn thing has actually changed. I’m happier and I’m in a better apartment… but I’m still broke, still single, still working for a company that doesn’t respect its employees, still working two jobs, and still the lowest of the low on the totem pole, still picking up pieces and making sacrifices and still getting no recognition for it. 

I know it’s a slow moving and thankless industry, but I can’t help being disappointed with where I am. And that’s probably the worst feeling. You look at all those things that are just the same, or worse, than they were two years ago and you think… wow. Fail. Outside of traveling the world, those last two years seem like a pretty big waste. 


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