RIP, favorite bra

Isn’t the underwire coming out of your bra just the worst?

The way it pokes into your fleshy underarm/back/boob with annoying consistency in the exact same spot… And how that kind of makes you feel like a fatass… But you’ll tough it out as long as you can, until it no longer stays when you try the shove-it-back-in approach.

photo 2-1It’s even worse when it’s your favorite bra. The one you’ve had some good times with. The last fun pattern. Your favorite colors, too (which like such an extravagant purchase at the time). The one that looked good under anything. Or by itself.

Today I surrender. RIP, my bosom buddy.


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One response to “RIP, favorite bra

  1. AAS

    Know the feel. 😦 it’s the worst.

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