I cut my hairs again!

I cut my hairs again!

Pre-post-wedding-season I’d already decided to cut my hair a couple inches to revive it. Then yesterday I decided I wanted to do something totally different. I’m too lazy to style my hair, so a nice color seemed in order. I wanted an obnoxious shade of purple, but the stylist seemed to find me too timid, so, she opted for a more violet-y red. Then she layered it a bit and trimmed the heinous ends off. It’s pretty subtle, but its added some sexy red highlights and it looks much healthier. Rawr.

Also, yesterday (and this is on the 27 list, even though I still haven’t updated the page): I saw my first 3D movie! I don’t know that I really like 3D movies–but now I’ve at least seen one and can confirm I don’t really like it. But I did like the movie itself. You should go see THOR Dark World right now.


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November 15, 2013 · 10:55 am

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