blahblah work sucks blahblah

I got some shitty news. The job I’d been doing for the last year (which I recently left) is now  hiring at, let’s say, D level. I was working at B level. That means the new job posting is two levels higher than the job title I had while working there.

Now you might be thinking: What a missed opportunity! What a bummer that you can’t get that experience! If only you’d known.

No, no, my friends. That job posting is the exact same job I’d been doing for the last year. Just with better money and title. So, basically, I did the work of one editor, with the respect and payment of an entirely lower editor (who, we remember, worked by herself for three months of the period) only to get “promoted” to a c level editor a different title. They realized it and decided if they were going to hire the job they better rectify the situation. Hindsight is always 20/20.

I hate this system. This lifestyle where you can work hard, work more than others around you, yet work only to be unappreciated and overlooked.

Thank god I have Justin to complain to in situations like this: “Stay strong. Eventually capitalism will collpase in on itself like a dying star and we will seize the means of production. Until then just don’t go insane.”



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