Fuck Yeah Meryl Streep

She’s a god among mortals. And you know what, she nailed it this year. Patricia Arquette stood up for women’s rights without droning on or making things weird: just quick, clear, and on-point. And Meryl’s actions–what probably every clued-in woman was also doing at the TV as she realized what Patricia was saying–made the speech that much more impactful. Sisters in Solidarity.


There’s gotta be a tumblr or five dedicated to her badassness



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2 responses to “Fuck Yeah Meryl Streep

  1. AAS

    I admit to saying “hell yeah!” Pretty emphatically at that moment, lol. And I may have cried when they panned the camera on Meryl standing up and clapping. Maybe.

    • kmcg

      We weren’t paying attention when we watched it and had to rewind. I’ve never been so happy for fancy TV stuff. SO EPIC!!!

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