Thoughts on Thunderball

The women in Thunderball are just downright stellar. The plot is pretty all right (all right enough that they remade it as Never Say Never Again). And how about that theme song, eh Tom? But this has never been my favorite Bond movie.

Yet, as part of #BondADay and #24DaysOfBond–my attempts at de-stressing every day for two hours doing something I love (brushing up on Bond)–I’m watching them all.

I think I noticed a few things I didn’t give voice to previously. Part of the plight of Thunderball‘s low success in gaining my esteem is the sound mixing. There’s the scene at the casino where Bond is dancing with Domino, and yet there is no music. Sure there’s soundtrack music, but there’s no background. It’s like people are dancing to silence. And then the scene where Fiona is chasing Bond through the parade? There’s soundtrack, but not a lot of parade music noise–which you know is clamorous as fuck.

I also don’t like all the underwater action scenes with no dialogue but lots of bubbles, ambient noise, fighting music, and explosions.

And then there’s Bond’s chest hair that looks mostly like a tree, and sometimes like a mushroom cloud.



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