My first study injury

You’d think that sleeping with my printer in my bed, the way I did in my junior year of undergrad, would have been setting me up for academic-related injuries. But from what I recall, I slept like a champ curled around that machine. 

My iPad, on the otherhand, is a real motherfucker. Last night I was reading about juridical facts and acts (Hey! I didn’t apply to law school, and I won’t get paid or respected like I went to law school, so why am I reading shit from law school?!). It was very, very boring. I was laying on my sofa, on my left side, with my left arm out holding the iPad dangling over the floor. 

Like so. 

I like this blurry photo because it reflects those reenactments from crime shows, and that effect will work nicely in my Lifetime movie.


But the damn legal reading was so boring I fell asleep. On my arm, uncomfortably clutching the iPad with a death grip because, even largely unconscious, I know I can’t afford to drop my faux textbook. And when I woke up, I was in pain. I got up to go to bed, and I was in pain. I tried to move at all in bed, and I was usually in pain. This morning I couldn’t even close a drawer with my left arm. 

This is embarassing, insulting, and super fucking annoying. And the worst part is, as I’m writing this blog post I’m wondering the juridical classification of it. Fuck. 

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