Rumor Mill: The Next James Bond

The web’s got its panties in a bunch over the unofficial nod to Damian Lewis as the next James Bond.

As much as I love a good “unruly ginger” (to quote a friend, a phrase which would be an excellent pub), I’m not so into Mr. Lewis for Bond. Having just this past Saturday finished seasons 1-3 of Homeland, I need him to be more approachable. I don’t look at him and think he’s someone any woman in a casino is going to easily engage with in witty banter. I also don’t look at him and see the smoothness of past Bonds (not that Craig has that feature, either, so Mr. Suave may be over). He certainly must only smile with a smirk. And he needs to be a little roughed up. More stylish.

Fassbender would be my top ginger choice, a little less buff than he’s been, yet still taught in a nicely tailored suit. Although, I’m kind of into Prince Harry right now with that scruff and the devil may care about him, that would work nicely for Ginger Bond. But, I won’t think it’s the worst if it is Lewis.

Then again, anyone will fall a hard second to Idris.


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