Back when Google was young

When I was in college, Google was still pretty new…

(Oh god, I already know I’m going to tell so many stories that start like this, to young people in libraries when I’m 110 and graduate from grad school.)

And because Google wasn’t as advanced, it didn’t quite recognize my university. Searching (because “Googling” wasn’t an ingrained, grammatic nightmare term yet) “Drake University” would always produce results, but with the overhead of, “Did you mean Duke University?”

No, Google, I didn’t. And that pissed me off. And thankfully you figured it out.

Nowadays, I’m having de-ja-vu. I’ll go to or or anything .com and the website will give me a popup that’s basically asking me if I know that I’m in Canada. Yes, Internet, I actually typed the .com to avoid having to navigate away from .ca. LET IT BE.

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