Expat Problems

Disclaimer: I’m a democrat but I truly am not into talking about politics. I believe it’s personal and divisive. Sure I’ve joked about it a bit on here, but this is real talk. This is an experience I didn’t expect. For anyone reading this I hope that it doesn’t come off anti-Republican. It’s anti Trump. I understand that lots of people support him, but I cannot get behind his popularity. So, if that’s a problem, don’t read on. 

I’ve never been too pro-‘Murica. Our dominance sometimes feels overrated and unjustified. Not that we didn’t build who we are, just that I don’t know what we’ve done to continue to deserve it. I’ve always been looking for ways to get out, not permanently, but out enough to feel like I was seeing some of the world and counteracting my part-self-induced-part-nationally-inherited ignorance.

I never loved the idea of Trump, and my vanity as an American didn’t want to be shamefaced when looking at the rest of the world. It’s something I recognized immediately with his campaign announcement, and something I felt as soon as I left our borders. Now he’s bigger and badder than ever.

I’m past embarrassment–it’s alarming.

Nowadays, I’m sitting on campus or  with friends, and I’m constantly hearing jokes about Trump. I struggle because I hate being a joke. I also struggle because that’s MY joke. Not yours. My country. Not yours. I’ve had to listen to your self-righteous crap since September. You’re so Canadian, which is so not American. Got it. So back off. But even more than my “mine” mentality over it all… it’s not a joke. This is my government and my freedom at stake. Not just mine, an entire nation’s. I think the viability of our system is going to be tested with this election, regardless of outcome, and people’s lives are at risk, and it’s honestly terrifying.

Americans are searching how to move to Canada at an exponentially larger rate than before. Haha. It’s funny for Canadians because they think we’re all idiots because it’s not that easy to cross the border. Well, no, it’s not super easy, but it’s not too hard, either. And what’s funny about that is that America doesn’t give a lot of thought to Canada except as a nice fishing vacation–so to truly consider moving is a big deal. It’s admitting that there has to be a backup plan. It’s admitting that maybe America isn’t the land of freedom and opportunity that it once was.


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