Craig-Bond is dead! Long live Bond!

I mean, the rumours are getting more and more frequent. I feel it’s more likely than not that Daniel Craig is out as James Bond.

Tom Hiddleston–who’d been a popular pick ages ago and sort of fell off the radar for a while amidst talks of Idris Elba (the world would never be so lucky), Damian Lewis (uh, no, because the only ginger for the job is Harry), and Aidan Turner (too cute and impish, IMO)–somehow closed shop for the bookmakers with his assured Bondness.

Follow the Tom hyperlink and you’ll read a lot that’s similar to how I feel. He’s not, initially, my top choice. The anonymity of Connery and Craig are a big part of why I liked them. But there’s his past that adds to it, and there’s an edge that makes him more than Moore and Brosnan (it might be that Loki thing I can’t shake). Should it be him, I’m definitely OK with it.

This might be all hype, all talk, all part of the beginning of the fervour around Bond 25. But with how tidily Spectre ended things, and Craig saying fuck off around the premiere, and the rumours about his newly signed flick, and since Mendes is out for directing, and the fact that it is the big 2-5… I think it’s time we start looking ahead. Bond is (maybe) dead! Long live Bond!



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