life right now

I’m too stressed out to function well most days, which is causing a lot of problems. I don’t sleep well and I don’t feel well. I don’t have enough time to talk to my friends, and I don’t have any work done. I can’t focus, ever, because of all the pressure I feel. And I have no confidence in what I’m doing, or how I look, or how I act. I’m in a general state of being overwhelmed by finances, learning new things, and not having more than a couple hours to myself at a time.

This not at all what summer is supposed to be like for a student. I haven’t even read a single fucking book.

I’m ending my 20s feeling more vulnerable and less desirable as a human/friend/girlfriend than I’ve felt in ages–possibly ever. I’m not even depressed by it, which is either a testament to how stressed I really am or just a sign that I accepted this new view of myself long ago.

But let it be known that my computer just fell off a table and didn’t break and I will never be more grateful for anything in my life.


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