Leggings are not Pants

This was my mantra senior year of college. This is what I said, on repeat, as I stood against a wall in a bar looking like I hated the world. This was a time just before leggings were truly an acceptable thing. A time when people were getting leggings and tights confused (tights are definitely never, ever, ever pants). A time when we still wore jeans to the bar, and to class, and even to work. A time where wearing yoga pants too often and to certain places would have certainly garnered some deserved flack.

I know, I sound ancient. I am.

There was a time in life, probably before I was 25, I got on the leggings train with two pairs that I would wear on occasion. I felt so self-conscious wearing them, and it was obviously not my style: I showed up for dinner at my fave cheap Mexican restaurant and my old roommate was muy sorprendido about my choice of bottoms. I usually hid the comfy stuff respectably under a tunic, but I do recall a navy sweater + leggings combo one night in Vegas with my man friend. Scandalous, really. But they were just so easy to pack!

Well, I got rid of them eventually as they were doing my thighs no favours. Again, before I was 25. I bought plenty of leggings since then, but always wear them more as thick tights under a lengthy dress/tunic. I think I wore them as pants twice, last year, when I was getting my hair done for weddings… but like that doesn’t count. I think I feel like I can’t wear them because I spent so much time being judgemental in 2009. And because I may or may not have some dysmorphia issues. Like you do.

Anyway, so this long history is really just to explain how fucked up shit was two weeks ago when, at 30 years old, I wore leggings as pants.



I was sick. It was Friday. I realized my large shirt would look weird with baggy jeans, and the only good option was fleece-lined stretchy bottoms.

So I did it.

Honestly, I did feel quite self conscious. But I did not look that ridiculous, and I actually liked this little ensemble. Maybe I’ll do it again, but I think I’m too hung up on my age to try it anywhere soon… except maybe on my FLIGHT TO NEW ZEALAND IN DECEMBER. Because yeah, that’s a cool thing I’m doing, and I certainly want stretchy pants for that. Plus, #packing.


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