Overnight bag

It’s a thing I’ve always associated with pretty girls who have boyfriends that want to go away somewhere with them for a night/weekend. Or really particular girls in college who packed a bag to stay at their boo’s frat, instead of just walk-of-shaming it or going over there late at night like the rest of us. Or, I guess, girls who are in some kind of relationship where they actually stay overnight. Or just this one particular friend who always has an overnight bag in her car, just in case. Whichever definition, the point is that those people are not me.

Well, for the first time in 30 years, I had to pack an overnight bag and I was so fucking not exactly ready for it. I don’t even like to talk about this shit and I was emailing the gang back home like, fuck fuck fuck. It was an odd realization that there is not really anyone here, or there, that I can go to for dating advice. Instead, the emails were more of high-pitched-sorority-giggle fuelled communication than anything, but it was nostalgic fun.

Yeah, Uncomfortably Handsome Colleague got his shit together eventually. We actually refer to him as Man Candy now. MC in-text. It’s a goddamn delight.


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