A Real Vancouver Experience

Fact. I live in Hollywood North. I’ve seen campus covered in swastikas, alleys transformed into Chinatowns, and schools coated in fake snow in April. I see film crews, actual filming, and filming site signs all the time. I know Uma Thurman was around my neighbourhood, and I maybe passed Liam Neeson when I was on the bus one day, and my friend most definitely served Nathan Fillion one time. But it all feels pretty removed–I don’t pay too much attention and I’m never around anything good.

Then the cast of Riverdale showed up again. (My god, what a show. So bad, so good.) My friends and I were sharing social media screenshots like, “Oh look, he was right on your street!” or “I think that’s my Chipotle!” I work downtown, on a main drag, and the gang has definitely been in the strip, so I’ve been on high alert.

Saturday morning, because that crew has been a frequent topic of conversation with my pals, MC spent some time looking at photos of the cast while I explained the first season. A mini convo between coffee and crosswords–nothing exciting. Then, we hopped the bus to this brunch place I love and walked right in to get on the list, knowing it’s an hour wait (lemon truffle potatoes with eggs benny, totally worth it).

And there they were,

just behind the woman taking my info:

Kevin, Jughead, Betty

The situation that surpassed my wildest dreams. They were shovelling eggs in their faces, I was sporting glasses and sexhair. I saw them for all of 45 seconds, a few feet in front of me, and it was exactly how I never knew I wanted a celeb sighting. What a day.


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