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Nosy Neighbor – Again!

“Then why did you just fucking do this to me?” – My neighbor

I don’t know who they are, but a man, a woman, and a dog live in the apartment directly behind me. The dog is a yippity little shit and I hear it twice a day (9 am and 11 pm) at least.

But today, minding my own business after my shower, I hear the couple. They are fighting about how she always undermines his ideas, but then doesn’t follow through on her own. This time it’s about a car.

Well, that’s frustrating. I mean, I don’t exactly want to hear those people, or the dog for that matter. Or any other people. Nor do I want them to hear me. I noticed it’s exceptionally clear via the washer/dryer closet, so I just have to remember to keep that door closed. It could be worse. It’s kind of like hearing a TV in the next room. Tune it out!


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I’m sitting in a hotel room in Oklahoma City, en-route on our triumphant return from Lubbock.

Mission: Procure apartment
Status: Complete

Although rent is much more than I anticipated, I found an amazing apartment. If I am careful with my spending, I should be okay. My only requirement going into the search was a washer/dryer connection. Being a full-time student and (hopefully) part-time mag writer, I don’t want to have to find time to sit in a gross communal laundry room. So after visiting a few complexes, I fell in love with my to-be abode. Two story, one bedroom, one-and-a-half bath townhome. It has three closets, including a Harry Potter home under the stairs. Oh, and a balcony.

A balcony.

Anyhoo, after some courting of the complex folk, and proving I make real monies, I got myself a place starting August 6th. Huzzah!

A trip bonus: the purchase of a new bed! I’ve had a twin for, oh, 20 years now. In a few months, I’ll have my own deliciously plush full bed. Fabulous.

But, the trip wasn’t all balconies and shoe closets. I haven’t slept worth shit  I’ve been on a slanted couch and my parents snore to the point that I seriously think I can feel vibrations. I also haven’t had an appetite since we left on Saturday. NONE. I’ve eaten a bit, but haven’t actually wanted to. It’s like when you’re sick and you can’t taste anything but you need to eat because… well duh, you need to eat. That’s this. It’s terrible, and we’re on the road and it’s all bad food and I feel disgusting. Ugh.

Then there is this weird realization that hit me at 2:05 am last night when I couldn’t sleep. Of my eight closest girl friends in elementary/middle school, at least five are married or engaged. That number increases with the friends I added in high school and college. Babies are in the picture, too. Plus I have wonderful friends who aren’t that committed yet, but it’s not hard to see in the not-so-distant future. I know there’s no point in comparing myself to my peers, and I’m not looking to be in their position, either. But it’s hard not to feel like I’m somehow behind.

Yet another tangent: I spent 45 minutes walking around a deserted parking lot in Happy, Texas and got my first sunburn of the season! Woo!

Everything is okay, see?

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You want ‘not exactly ready’? I’ll give it to you. Real apartment hunting. Last year wasn’t real. Jenny and I looked at three apartments, picked one, and went back to sign the lease on the same day. In retrospect, we got lucky that we could afford it and it had everything we wanted (two bedrooms3, two full baths, washer and dryer, appliances).

This year, I’ve got a list of almost 20 places that I must reduce to a manageable number in order to call and find out if they have availability, then book a tour accordingly. I just… UGH! It’s not easy. Few have washer/dryer connections in a one bedroom unit, and even fewer received good ratings from tenants. A lot have bad layouts, and many seem ridden with hideous appliances.

My whole life, I’ve had it easy. I still do. But it’s left me pretty sheltered about things and I’m nervous, not only about apartment hunting, but also what life will really be like on my own. A bad apartment would be a terrible way to start.

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Oi oi!

Heat wave! This is my island in the sun!

Yeah, so that’s from a Muppet Christmas Carol. Loved that part.

Anyhoo. It’s certainly not Christmas. In fact, it’s hella warm ’round these parts. It’s officially sleep-with-as-little-on-as-possible kind of weather. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the mountains of snow have trickled away, but I’m not ready for the heat and stuffiness. I have this debilitating spider phobia that keeps me from having windows open while I sleep or while I’m away. Fresh air? Circulation? Hah. Instead, I’ve resulted in continuing use of my ceiling fan.

I didn’t miss that pulsating hum. Or the periodic gusts of wind. Nor did I miss the occasional clink of the pull against the glass shades. But I especially did not miss the way the fan gets itself all worked up and starts to sound like a couple people are making a bed smack against a wall.

Oh hey, warm weather. I’m half dressed and ready for you. It’s our first night back in the sack. I hope it’s not awkward.

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Bleeping Blizzards Batman!

Well, it’s official. The first blizzard of the year. Snow first fell on Sunday and then we got a bit of a break, but it picked up Monday night. Yesterday I went to work at 7 am and  it was bad. When I got off my second shift at 6 pm, it was ‘treacherous’ according to radio weather reports. Schools got out early yesterday, cancelled today (colleges included). The mall closed at 5 last night and didn’t open until noon today. Yowsa. The mall didn’t even close when the interstates were closed last winter.

Despite trying to get my car out at 8:30 last night (dreadfully unsuccessful–parked on a patch of ice), I’ve been stuck in my lonely and cold apartment. I have shoddy Internet, no one to talk to, and I’m here without anything to bake with. Ahh! It’s torture, I tell you. I made six blueberry muffins from a pouch, and a very salty stovetop Julienne potato dish. Ick, I’d rather be making peanut butter cookies or red velvet cupcakes or espresso brownies or… Ugh. I’m going to buy a bunch of ingredients the minute I can get out of this place. Toss in a bottle of wine, I’ll be set. No more not being ready for this snowed-in stuff. It was way more fun in college.

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