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I’m not one to minutely examine my spending habits. I mean, I have online statements only–and it’s for a reason. But in January I wanted to be all adult’n’stuff by reading over a couple debit/credit statements. All was in order.  Nothing looked to fishy.


Experian/Free Credit Report had been taking $15 a month out of my account since August–and I don’t even know how I got signed up! Was it through Wells Fargo? Is it a scam? What happened?! I realized that I missed it because, starting in the fall, I began applying to grad schools. I didn’t know “Experian” was a credit thing. Could have been an application fee collecting service for all I knew.

I called and cancelled the membership right away. He tried to talk me into a half-price deal, but I declined. How the hell did you people know my mom’s maiden name? I don’t know how it all got started, but I certainly learned my lesson. Once a month I’ll be checking my bank statement with a keen eye.

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WAGW: Education

As of two weeks ago, I’ve finished all but two grad school applications. I’m holding off on University College Dublin because their offers come much later than American universities. The University of Vermont is not due until February 15th, so I’ve been putting it off and considering not doing it at all.

The actual act of applying to graduate school did a lot to help me make up my mind about where I want to go. Reading program-specific materials got me psyched about what schools had to offer–or, in some cases, what they didn’t have. The personal statement writing process was tell-tale as well: if I didn’t try too hard on the essay, then I clearly wasn’t that interested in the school.

With everything more or less off my shoulders and into the admissions’ peoples’ hands, I present my rankings:

  1. Texas Tech
  2. Purdue
  3. Florida
  4. Brown
  5. Emerson
  6. UCD
  7. Florida State
  8. Washington State
  9. University of Vermont
  10. Marquette
  11. Syracuse

And now I wait. We’ll see if what this girl wants, is what this girl gets.


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Shot to the Heart

…And I’m too late.

I’m so not ready for this that I’m actually crying. Like, I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a red face, puffy eyes, and a headache like a hangover. [Oh, hello eligible men who read my blog. Don’t you want to wake up to that some day?]

It started with frustration, turned to bewilderment, then sadness and now anger and despair: DMACC did not send my transcripts.

I don’t get it. December 15th I received my personal copy of the transcript. The transcript I requested in the exact same packet where I requested every graduate school transcript. But after checking a few application/admission statuses, the required DMACC transcript is the only thing missing. Applications to graduate school must meet all requirements.

Brown, Texas Tech, Emerson and Florida State deadlines have passed. Syracuse and Washington State are due by the end of the week. Logic tells us that’s six (out of ten) incomplete submissions.

Incomplete submissions >> Ineligible for admission.
Ineligible for admission >> Waste of money ($936 so far).
Ineligible for admission >> Waste of time (half of 2009).
Ineligible for admission >> No future.
No future >> Mall employee for life.
Mall employee for life >> SWF. Likes cats.

Joking aside, I’m very distraught at the thought of my top schools being knocked off my list because I am an overachiever and started French early.

Please, please let this just be an annoying ‘Monday’ thing.


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WAGW: Geography

Today I finished my fourth college application. After Brown came Florida State, Texas Tech, and Syracuse. Friday I got a Christmas card from Australia. How fucking cool is that. It all got me thinking: Where does this girl want to be?

I call the Midwest home. The majority of my extended family is spread out between Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. And I love it here. But part of the reason for applying to graduate school is to get out of this place. I’m 23 and have no attachments, so why not try life somewhere else? Why not get this Iowan out of her comfort zone. See what she can do.

Surveying my grad school applications, it seems I favor the East Coast, then the South, followed by the Midwest, West Coast, and Europe. I beg to differ with that breakdown. East Coast seems to be in the right spot: I am insanely attracted to the sweatshirt-conducive weather and the beautiful green landscape. Plus, there are all kinds of fucking cool places out there, a few members of my family, magazines galore, and one of my favorite people in the world.

I think the South is what really throws me. I’m not naturally tan, I hate wearing swimsuits, and I don’t like humidity, guns, country music, spicy food or tight pants. Definitely not someplace I want to relocate without very persuasive reasoning (like, oh, getting into Texas Tech). I’ll say the same for the West Coast, with the rationale that I’m too uptight, I don’t surf, eat seafood or enjoy swimwear or celebrities.

As for Europe, I adore  it. But it is incredibly far from my family and I can’t think of a single logical reason to plant myself there…Save the fact it’s breathtakingly beautiful, has delicious food, sexy accents, and a lot of people who are as naturally un-tan as I am. I guess Europe is more of a romantic notion of mine.

But the point is, I’m hoping to go someplace new and different, wherever it is. Geography will only play a deciding factor if I get into all the grad schools I really don’t want to go to. Then I’ll pick by  latitude and longitude. And although I have my definite stereotypical Midwestern opinions, once I’m all educated and grown up, a job is ultimately what will pick my destination.

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I’ve got chills

…And they’ll be multiplying.

Holyshitohmygod. I just submitted my first grad school application. $75 later I am literally shaking. That was a bit momentous. And terrifying. On my final read of the application I found an error in my personal statement. A missing word. A missing fucking word. That personal statement is what will get me in. Not grades, not scores, not scholarships and honors. It’s 48% personal statement and 48% recommendations. The rest is cut-off material. Thank God I found it. But really, I’ve read that damn thing so many times. How did I miss it before? And more importantly, what else did I miss?

The application was for Brown University, kind of the school of my dreams. The MA program isn’t as specific as I would hope for (that’s more Texas Tech and Purdue) but it is in Rhode Island, and it is the school that graduated A.J. Jacobs and a plethora of other amazing literary figures. I can’t even fathom how it would feel to be there this time next year. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will never know that, but that’s okay. I tried.

One down, ten to go.

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Selfish Stimulus

Whoever said fear is a great motivator was right. And in the past, fear was always good at getting me to do whatever it was that needed to be done. But now it seems that not even fear can motivate me.

Tuesday I met with my final professor about grad schools. Three professors down, and three different outcomes. Professor A: Go for it but apply to a bunch more! Yeah! Professor B: Well, you picked a lot of hard ones (except that one right there sucks–don’t ever do it.) so you might not get into them. Professor C: Did I tell you that I didn’t even get accepted my first time around? So be prepared for that, too.

Is it just me, or did that get progressively less optimistic?

This is where fear should begin to motivate me. I have only read 300 pages for the next GRE  test (which Professor C pretty much failed her first time through). But it’s not working. I care less now then I did 10 days ago. I can’t buy myself anything as a carrot, simply because I have no money. And the stick approach only works when I get beaten by 15 rejection letters in April.

The only thing that can get my ass in gear right now is my own vanity. Pride. Vainglory. Ego. This time next year I want to be sporting a crewneck sweatshirt of some other school. Some school I’m excited to be at, and some school that’s going to impress people when they see me in that sweatshirt. Selfish, yes. Motivational? Enough for now.

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